marine knit  |  bleu bakers  |  hand woven scarf

 b sides fretwork culotte  |  combo knit tank  |  patch wool jacket

 b sides fret-patchwork culotte  |  canvas shirt

button up culotte  |  white tee  |  british money belt

button up culotte  |  cotton tee  |  shrunken rib knit  |  rain coat

b sides fretwork culotte, custom orders by request

b sides fretwork culotte  |  b sides shearling market tote  |  combo knit tank

 b sides jeans, custom orders by request  |  marigold double t neck 

canvas short  |  canvas shirt  |  wool sherpa

 canvas short  |  canvas shirt  |  hand knit scarf

patch wranglers  |  tailored dress shirt |  cotton button up

shredder jeans  |  blue and white stripe shirt

stripe jumpsuit  |  stripe sash

tea towel bandana  |  guillaune linen tunic

b sides jeans | no. 1  |  embroidered purse  |  black t neck  |  wooly

where i was from
worn with pau bertolini
photographed by andrés altamirano
new york city
2016 early spring