where are you from?  taipei, taiwan


what brought you to new york?  what brought me to new york is the endless possibilities


what is your favorite time of day?  when i have my first cup of coffee in the morning, with or without a cigarette in my hand


what inspired you today?  my dream this morning, i was lucid dreaming; in which i was breast stroke swimming in the sky. it was sort of scary, but i knew it was a dream, so i enjoyed it


last record you played?  patsy cline, crazy 


two artists you are lately inspired by?  collage works by tom moglu, also lately i'm obsessed with matthew carter's typography; my favorite font at the moment is elephant


describe one photo you can't forget?  my mother's baby photo, it's black and white. she was wearing a white crew neck top with lace around the neckline, her lips looked exactly the same as her lips now. my grandfather dated the photo on the back of the picture. people in my grandpa's generation have such nice hand writing


the dream you cannot shake?  a dream i lost my family. i woke up crying


family trip that made an early impression?  we went to this mountain called ah-li mountain in taiwan. i was in kindergarten, I fell and scraped my knees. my mean uncle called me stupid, i never liked him after that, now i tell myself everyday to be nice to people


what are your favorite colors?  i don't have a favorite color... i like every color


where is your favorite place?  i don't have a favorite place... it depends on where my friends and family are i think!