where are you from?  i'm from st. louis missouri.   

what brought you to new york?  i came to new york because it seemed like the best place to be for an aspiring artist.

what is your favorite time of day?  dusk.  the way the light comes into my kitchen is so nice.

two artists you are lately inspired by?  saul steinberg's drawings and richard diebenkorn's abstract paintings. his colors were so perfect.

what are your favorite colors?  my favorite colors to paint with are red and blue, but as far as clothing i almost always wear black.

where is your favorite place?  my favorite place is my aunt's summer house in michigan. The beach is a 5 minute walk away and it's private and so beautiful and peaceful. sleeping on the screened-in porch during a thunderstorm is the most incredible thing.

 the dream you cannot shake?  i've always wanted to be in a silent film.  my friends mike and claire make amazing little shorts and they promised me that I could be in one, so we'll see.