where are you from?
darroch: upstate ny.
michael: santa barbara, ca originally, but lived all over the country and overseas. 


what brought you to new york?
darroch: ny seemed like the place that anything could happen - i studied photography in school and for me ny seemed the best place to start. 
michael: i moved to ny because i got into school here. i had no idea what to expect, but immediately fell in love. 


what is your favorite time of day?
darroch: cocktail hour.
michael: dusk.

last record you played?
darroch: actual record? devendra banhart 'what will we be'. via my iphone? nicki minaj 'the pinkprint'.
michael: joni mitchell 'clouds' (and maybe a little too much taylor swift) 

an artist you are lately inspired by?
darroch: egon schiele - we recently saw his exhibit at the neue gallery, i rarely am so impressed. 
michael: rachel ruysch. i pull so much inspiration from the old dutch masters and ruysch's paintings have an energy i try to replicate in my work. 

favorite colors?
darroch: camel. 
michael: coral pink.

favorite texture?
darroch: pebbled leather. 
michael: moss.

favorite place?
darroch: our apartment - i love our neighborhood, bedroom, and sofa. it's the place i feel most comfortable. 
michael: the desert. i grew up going to palm springs and joshua tree most of my childhood - the openness, the sky and colors of the desert are so comforting to me. 

notable quip?
darroch: the dagger emoji - all my wittiness has been reduced to emojis. 
michael: "OMG, come over here, you HAVE to smell this flower!"

for more on the designers, please visit putnam & putnam //brooklyn, new york