canvas newsie canvas newsie

canvas newsie $178

news boy apron, 1950, hand silk screened with real nice hi / lo from years of circulation, blue ink on columbine, 15 x 21", american

worn with:  merengue stretched out crew and trop belles

hewe raglan

hewe raglan, $88

marigold top

marigold top, $278

stucco top

stucco top, $258

tile white button up

tile white button up, $68

french rib knit no. 1

french rib knit no. 1, $158

french rib knit no. 2

french rib knit no. 2, $158

net tee

net tee, $98

wool cut outs bodysuit

wool cut outs bodysuit, $128

canvas newsie canvas newsie